Top Ten Marketing Tips for Guild Members

Marketing is a challenge for any small business but you have made a great start by joining The Guild of Master Craftsmen. You have invested in Visibility, Credibility and Support, but we want to make absolutely sure you are doing everything you can to get the most out of your membership. Check out our top ten tips.

  1. Always leave Guild review cards for your clients to fill in. The number of responses appears next to your score on and it validates the score. Call 01273-478449 to order more.
  2. Use The Guild logo wherever you can. It really is ‘a sign of quality’ recognised by consumers throughout the country. The visual link between your work and quality are vital to customers buying decision.
  3. Talk about your membership of The Guild when you meet potential clients. Your membership sets you apart from the rest but only if you use it in your client conversations.
  4. Send us photographs and all the information you can for us to put on your findacraftsman mini-website. If you have a web site already, we can link your member entry to it and if you do not, we can give you a starter position.
  5. Photograph any job you are proud of and share it with us, by email or Twitter, or on Facebook or LinkedIn. We will actively promote it on social media and put the best on our website. Social media is free and can get your name in front of thousands of potential customers.
  6. Use The Guild like your business partner. We can help you get press releases and case studies together and we will help you promote yourselves. You may be a skilled and highly qualified artisan but writing up a case study can be daunting if you are not used to it.
  7. Talk to us about your marketing plans. We have a lot of in-house experience, so if you have questions please ask. There are so many people telling you how you should spend your money but you have to make every penny count, so take free impartial advice from us. We talk to lots of different small businesses and can share best practice between members.
  8. Be realistic in your expectations. You have to make yourself visible and you have to be credible. A few quality leads are better than many unsatisfactory ones.
  9. Be consistent with your approach and have some patience. Unless you have the finances to support a large marketing campaign, the results will not come overnight. A well-planned, steady venture will, however, pay dividends.
  10. Finally, and not really a marketing tip, take advantage of member services and benefits. We understand that you did not join The Guild to just get 15% off tool hire, but why ignore the saving when it is there? All of our services are designed to help you do better business and all of our benefits are carefully selected to save you money on things we know you will use.