Stunning Oak Frame Designs

Guild member The Classic Barn Company based in Allbrook, Hampshire are applying their traditional skills to pool buildings for 2016. These stunning 3D designs will come to life in the New Year for a local customer but the unique demands of a construction combining oak, glass and quite a lot of water and humidity make it far from straightforward. This is not the sort of job you would entrust to anyone less than a master craftsman.

Director Andrew Guppy explains, “Our experience of working with Oak and understanding its complexities enable us to tackle a very modern building in a traditional way. Our design works hard to keep the main oak work on display inside whilst using light and space to give the pool a clean and modern feel, with bi-fold doors to bring the outside in when the weather allows. But from the outside this is a very traditional building which will blend in with its surroundings.”

The design is cost-effective and the 3D imaging allows prospective clients to get a real feel for what the finished building will look like. And of course The Classic Barn Company can also design smaller changing rooms and plant barns.

“We are very passionate about working with Oak…the frames are at the centre of every building we create,” Andrew continues. “We have a range of standard barn designs but we are delighted to get involved in bespoke projects. Every one of our frames is carefully installed by our team of master craftsmen and it is their experience in cutting as well as fitting that delivers every project on time and on budget.”
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Oak pool building - exterior

Oak frame pool building - interior