Member Profile: LK Bespoke Bridal

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is proud to introduce you to one of our uniquely creative members, Lisa Keating of LK Bespoke Bridal.

Lisa’s love of her craft started from a very early age, she loved to draw and create clothes for her Cindy dolls. Her grandmother taught her how to use a sewing machine and from then on her natural talent and skills began to grow.

Lisa went on to study pattern cutting and Textiles at A-Level alongside Art History and Art, a foundation degree in arts course followed at the Winchester School of Art when surmounted in Lisa specialising and honing her skills whilst at Bristol Polytechnic in a Fashion and Textiles Degree and following into postgraduate Illustration.

A blossoming 17 year career has seen Lisa progress from a Designer, to Head of Design with a large Corporate Uniform Design Company. Some personal challenges in 2010 lead to Lisa being able to take the time to work on Bespoke Designs and Bridal Wear, and L K Bespoke Bridal was born. Spurred on by the thrill and passion of creativity, Lisa further developed her skills by taking a corsetry course.

For Lisa, corsetry allows her to utilise all of her skills, including silk painting, embroidery and having to adapt to a constantly changing brief. She has worked on some of the most intricate and impressive gowns, including collaborations with embroidery artisan Dr Jacky Puzey in 2014 and an Angel Gown with Lace Cape, features in Rock my Wedding Blog.

Working so closely with clients can be challenging, especially where bespoke and unique creations are concerned. Although a difficult task, Lisa is able to work effortlessly with her clients and truly understand what they are seeking from her creations. Being able to use her knowledge, skills and creativity to earn an income is what drives Lisa to grow and expand her business.

Lisa already offers workshops around the West Country to complete beginners behind the needle, to more advanced students alike. She is currently going through a large renovation of her workshop, but is hoping to work with apprentices in the near future, to ensure the skills she has learnt can be passed on to the next generation, and generations to come. Lisa also teaches at Bridgwater College and University of Somerset.

When asked what advice she would give to other craftsmen starting out, Lisa said

“Be different. Keep your ideas fresh and make sure you love what you do 101%, as the financial reward is never as great as the fulfillment and satisfaction of using your knowledge, skills and creativity. Be Passionate about your work and believe in yourself”.


To see more of Lisa’s work, please visit our social media pages, or Lisa’s own website at www.lkbespokebridal.co.uk