Member Benefits

Guild members have access to a range of support and benefits which too often get ignored. We do realise that no one applies to join The Guild to get 15% off tool hire, but why not take advantage when it is there?

Here is a quick snapshot of what is available and why.

For a start, we do not offer theme park tickets or two for one meals at your local hostelry chain. The support and benefits available to Guild members are all business-related and designed to help you to do the things you must do anyway either more efficiently or cheaper, often both.

We are approached by a large number of organisations who want to sell to our membership and we have a very strict criteria for approving any benefit or service. Firstly, is it something our membership would use and value? Secondly can it be offered at a better price to Guild members than the ‘man in the street’ could get?

The Guild does not look to make money out of benefits. We are quite regularly offered a ‘cut’ or a commission on any sales but that is of no interest to The Guild. We want our members to have access to the best deal possible.

That does not mean it will always be the cheapest deal available. A number of our benefit partners are providing a broad range of products and it is hard for every single one to be the cheapest option available all the time. But it will be a fair deal, from a reputable source, which is not generally available elsewhere.

We also refuse to bombard our members with offers. We send out one marketing email per month maximum at the moment, this newsletter, and it contains one benefit partner offer. We do take every opportunity to remind you about the benefits and where you can access them, but we do not want to over egg the pudding.

Our aim is to provide support and benefits that are of real use to the majority of our members. That is why we offer FREE credit reports and FREE legal advice. Excuse the capital letters but we think they are justified here. You can credit check your customers – for free – just by calling The Guild. To members who are embarking on major projects with consumers, a credit check ought to be standard business practise and they can cost up to £15 each elsewhere.

Free legal advice is also more than useful. You are not limited to how many times you can use it, so you can check something out, get a second opinion, or just talk something through with a lawyer before you act, and it will not cost you a penny. It could be an employment issue, a contractual dispute with a client or any number of things, but you can talk to The Guild solicitor free of charge.

So the next time you have five minutes, go to and check out the range of benefits available to you. You could save a thousand or more on a new van, or save a few quid on hiring that mini-digger next month, but the point is it all adds up.