Guild News - February 2016

Guild Website Updates

The Guild website will be re-launched in March/April 2016 following feedback from members. The new improved will deliver faster more intuitive searches and give the searcher the opportunity to ‘Ask The Guild’ to search for them if they cannot find exactly what they want, whilst will be revamped to offer members a whole host of new services and information.

We are calling for our members to help us make our websites more attractive to consumers, which will in turn increase traffic and deliver even more leads for everyone. We need you to send us in photographs of your great work so that we can promote your skills, and also write articles about your particular talents. We will be publishing the best to offer advice and help to visiting consumers who will be attracted by the new content via search engines.

You can see examples of the sort of things we can best promote in the current news section of the website. You do not need to necessarily write anything yourself, just give us the photos and some information and we will write the story for you (giving you approval before we publish) if you prefer. And if you have something interesting to say about your craft, especially if it can be expressed as advice to the public, let us know. We would love to develop an article with you.

Just contact Hugh Bessant at for more information or to submit something for publication.

With the relaunch comes several new initiatives, including ‘Ask the Guild’ where a consumer can ask us to find some members to contact them. It may be that their requirements are complicated or simply that they do not have time to do it themselves, but we want to make sure we get as many leads to you as possible.


Join the Guild on Social Media

Have you followed us yet? Find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and we can connect to help you reach more potential clients with your message. We are happy to share your stories far and wide.

Are you active on social media? We can help you reach thousands of new prospects for free if you follow us and make sure we see your own posts. We also regularly post member case studies and photo stories to our website and Facebook page. Email or contact us via social media if there is something you would like us to promote. We are happy to help with copy if you need it (we will never publish anything without your agreement).

And if you are using social media already, have you got The Guild logo on your profile? Letting potential clients easily see that you are a master craftsmen is important, don’t waste such a simple chance to impress.


Guild News Magazine

The Guild’s magazine ‘Guild News’ has just been published. Let us know if you have not received your copy and we will send you one (an electronic copy is also available in the News section of the website). We hope you will agree that the magazine is an excellent showcase for The Guild and its members and in this, the magazine’s electronic little sibling, we want to remind you that we need your news and case studies to make the next issue great. Click here to read more…

Promoting Guild members work is a large part of what we do. From Guild News to the website, to our social media accounts, we publish and promote as many case studies and news items as we can, but we can only do that if you send us the story and your photographs in the first place. We can help with writing case studies, always approved by you before we publish, or we can work with your own press releases and articles.

We want to show consumers what wonderful work you do, so send your submissions to and let us do the rest.


GGFi Insurance Backed Guarantees

Are you offering your clients an insurance backed guarantee? It’s a great peace of mind sales tool that is fast becoming a must when doing business in the home improvement sector. The Guild has a long standing partnership with GGFi to provide our members with a first class scheme. For more information, click here.

Most consumers worry about their chosen product or service provider going out of business for one reason or another. So why not offer your clients that extra peace of mind by offering an insurance backed guarantee? Our partners GGFi have ten years’ experience within the home improvement industry and Guild members can access a very attractive package via the benefits page of to upgrade their own customer offering. Once initially approved, each job you do can be quickly and easily added to the scheme online.

Cover is both simple and attractive. If you cease trading, consumers can claim 25% of the total contract value up to a maximum of £6,250 against workmanship and materials needed to solve any problems that arise. The IBG can also be transferred to a new homeowner for an administration charge of just £25.

Call 0207-6453743 for further information about the scheme or access the application form in the members section of the website.








Call 0207-6453743 for further information about the scheme or access the application form in the members section of the website.