BADA Puts Framing In The Picture

Bespoke frames for a number of acclaimed artworks will be hand-made by Hampshire framers of distinction, Peter and Julia Ashley of The Artistic Framing Company for the British Antique Dealers’ Association’s (BADA) show in March.

One of the paintings in the commission is The Merman and the Maid by Anglo-American artist Sir James Jebusa Shannon (1862-1923). This is complemented by a late 18th century carved Italian-style Bolognese frame, fully gilt and toned (pictured). Shannon was an associate of the Royal Academy of Arts and one of the first members of the New English Art Club.
The six oil masterpieces also include paintings by Wilfrid de Glehn, Lucy Kemp-Welch and Albert Julius Olsson, and are being shown by Messum’s.
Peter Ashley, of The Artistic Framing Company, said: “Framing for a show such as BADA is always a pleasure and a challenge. It’s one of the UK’s leading antiques fair and every detail must be perfect.”
"It’s such a great feeling to walk up to a famous work of art and know that the frame surrounding it was made by you.”
Taking place in Chelsea, March 9 – 15, the art and antiques on display at BADA range from 16th century to contemporary, all vetted to ensure quality and authenticity.

About BADA:
The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) is the trade association for the leading antique dealers in Britain and internationally. Since its foundation in 1918 the BADA has set the standard for trading in the antiques business.