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Across the UK, Scotland is known for many things, but mostly for its culture. Many famous poets, authors and artists have come from what many would consider to be a very humble country. In England the land is known primarily for its beauty. Many tourists travel to the Scottish Highlands, which are perhaps the most famous of all the countryside attractions, though countless other landmarks exist, such as Arthur’s Seat and Loch Ness. Whilst not as well known as these, Perth and Kinross is not necessarily lesser. The land itself is host to many attractions of its own, including Ben Vrackie, Scone Palace and other peaceful spots and walks.

The town of Aberfeldy itself is fairly off the beaten track, but still known to most Scots, having been mentioned in The Birks of Aberfeldy by famous Scottish poet Robert Burns as well as being the site of Wade’s Bridge, which crosses the River Tay. Famous author J.K Rowling also owns the nearby Killiechassie House as a retreat, perhaps due in part to the town’s relatively sleepy nature.

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The client’s stunning house features a very homely exterior, but the interior is truly stunning. Featuring many neutral colours and adorned with wooden upholstery, the house is brought to life by a range of quirky items that help accent the design of the house and bring a fun atmosphere in. Clearly the entire house is designed with style in mind, from the bottom up. For their fused glass art, the client wanted to design their kitchen with the glass being able to stand out. Due to this, they decided upon a Dalaman design of many different contrasting colours. Reds, yellows and purples all lend their colour to a black background in the piece and help the kitchen splashback and upstand stand out in the room. The inclusion of these designs throughout the kitchen provides a very stylish statement, and visitors will marvel in the care that has gone into both the design of the coloured glass but also at the house. 

Above the fireplace the client wanted three sculpted wave designs, which were heavily influenced by flames. Swirls of orange, yellow, red and black all feature in the pieces with accents of blue. When all the pieces are arranged together on the wall above the fire, all three look alive.

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In the guest bathroom, the theme remains consistent. The room is lit up by a backlit splashback with a wave design in fiery colours, and the glass fits in very well. Throughout the house the styles are consistent, allowing visitors much to look at.

If fused glass art is something that you might consider for your home or business, The House of Ugly Fish are at the forefront in the industry of glassmaking. Their products are both of high quality and beautiful.

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