The Guild emblem is a badge of quality, integrity, skill and expertise. Customers will recognise the Guild emblem and feel confident about choosing you.

Using The Guild emblem

Use The Guild emblem to promote your services, both to advertise your membership and associate yourself with The Guild’s long established and well-earned reputation. Wherever you are, use the stickers for your van or premises, and add the emblem to your company website.

Your membership card and letter of introduction

Make use of these when speaking to potential customers. They are a valuable asset to reassure them of your commitment to quality and service, and help you win more business.

The 'Aims & Objectives' leaflet

Show your customers that you belong to a longstanding organisation devoted to the promotion of excellence and the engendering of craftsmanship.

The Guild online

The Guild promotes you through the online search engine – findacraftsman.com, which is also prominently promoted on The Guild website guildmc.com.

The Guild website is designed to convey the quality and skill of its members. It explains the background to The Guild and gives help and advice for the general public and businesses who might need to use your company.

Contact The Guild

If you would like to know more about the Guild of Master Craftsmen, need advice about a Guild member or would like to apply, please complete this form.

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