Member Profile: Hamilton Billiards

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is proud to introduce you to one of our exceptional Members, Hamilton Billiards

Hamilton Billiards started out in the in the 1980’s. In 1997 Ian Musk joined the company and began working on the tables in the workshop – doing an awful lot of sanding! In 2008, having spent several years working as the Manager, Ian was fortunate to be able to purchase the company, which he still runs today.

The company not only supplies ready-made PoolBilliard and Snooker, but also creates completely bespoke tables, alongside restoring a wide range of tables to their former glory. Restoration of such intricate items can throw unknown problems into the mix, but this is the part of the job that Ian and his team find so rewarding.

Nothing in the Billiard Table industry was standardised 100 years ago, which means that the older antique tables require custom-made parts when replacement or restoration works are necessary, making every day different, challenging and exciting for the highly skilled members of the Hamilton Billiards Team.

Hamilton Billiards are working hard on their upcoming season, and are looking forward to getting out to several exhibitions in the coming months – which given the size of their merchandise, will be quite a task indeed!

As is part of the requirements of Membership with The Guild of Master Craftsmen, Hamilton Billiards prides itself on providing the absolute highest quality of workmanship on each and every item they encounter, as well as delivering excellent levels of customer service.

If you’d like to know more about Hamilton Billiards, or you’re looking for the best Billiard table around, please contact them on any of the details below:

Hamilton Billiards
+44 (0) 1462 743803