The Stained Glass Studio: Illuminating History, One Panel at a Time

Stained glass WorcesterFounded in 1984 by Malcolm Wytcherley, the studio has become a family-run business, with Malcolm’s son Louis now at the helm, continuing the tradition of handcrafted stained glass.

From Humble Beginnings to Established Expertise

Malcolm’s passion for stained glass began with a simple hobby – creating sun catchers and terrariums. The growing popularity of his creations led him to pursue this passion full-time, transforming sun catchers into intricate windows and door panels. This attention to detail, honed during his time as a figure maker at Worcester porcelain, became a hallmark of the studio’s work.

Stained glass expert WorcesterBreathing New Life into Historical Masterpieces

The Stained Glass Studio specialises in the renovation of leaded lights found in churches and historic buildings. They have collaborated extensively with English Heritage and the National Trust, restoring stained glass windows that stand as testaments to centuries past. Their expertise extends to stately homes and listed buildings across the UK, where they seamlessly integrate bespoke designs that complement the character of each property.

The studio boasts an impressive portfolio, including projects undertaken at grand houses with significant histories:

Forthampton Court (Grade II):* Built in 1540, this property recently saw The Stained Glass Studio return to rebuild several panels. The Yorke family has owned Forthampton Court since 1678.

Llwyn Celyn (Medieval Welsh House): The studio played a vital role in the restoration project of this 1420-built house, now owned by the Landmark Trust. Their work helped preserve this piece of medieval Welsh heritage.

Plaish Hall (Grade I Tudor House): Believed to be the first brick house in Shropshire and mentioned in the Domesday Book, Plaish Hall holds immense historical significance. The Wytcherleys recently completed phase 1 of works, restoring windows that had fallen into disrepair.

Whitton Court (Grade I, 14th Century): Over three years, The Stained Glass Studio collaborated with other heritage craftsmen to revitalise the windows of this grand 14th-century property during phase 1 of its restoration.

Westwood House (Grade I): This former stately home, now converted into self-contained apartments, boasts an Elizabethan banqueting hall and Caroline additions. The Wytcherleys have been working on this prestigious property for the past 40 years, ensuring its historical features remain captivating.

Madresfield Court (Grade I): A rare example of an unbroken family lineage, Madresfield Court has been in the same family for six centuries. The Stained Glass Studio has had the privilege of working on this Grade I listed property for the past 40 years, and their work continues in 2024.

Working on Grade I listed buildings, which make up only 2.5% of listed structures in the UK, requires exceptional skill and respect for the past. The Stained Glass Studio’s experience in this area is extensive.

Stained glass expertBeyond Restoration

While deeply rooted in tradition, The Stained Glass Studio embraces contemporary design. They understand the importance of respecting a building’s architectural style while incorporating modern aesthetics. Their expertise allows them to create bespoke door panels and feature pieces that enhance the character of a home and seamlessly integrate with contemporary elements.

The Stained Glass Studio embodies the spirit of a family enterprise. Malcolm’s daughter manages the books, and Louis Wytcherley, a Royal Marine Reservist, now leads the team with the same dedication to detail and craftsmanship as his father. The studio fosters a collaborative environment, partnering with trusted local contractors when larger projects require additional manpower. This ensures a seamless workflow while supporting the local skilled workforce.

While large-scale expansion isn’t on the agenda, the studio’s passion for the craft remains undimmed. The specialised nature of historic glazing makes traditional apprenticeship a challenge. However, Louis and Malcolm find satisfaction in working with old materials and age-old techniques. Their dedication ensures that the art of stained glass continues to grace historical buildings and private homes for generations to come.

Looking for stained glass restoration in Worcestershire, UK?

The Stained Glass Studio offers a range of services, including:

  • Leaded light window restoration
  • Restoration and supply of antique metal casements
  • Church window restoration
  • Bespoke stained glass design and creation
  • Door panel design and creation
  • Listed building glazing
  • Sustainable glass sourcing and restoration

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