Multi Award winning Stonemason!

Stratum MasonryStratum Masonry, a distinguished stonemasonry contractor rooted in Scotland, holds a notable standing as a beacon of heritage preservation and craftsmanship advancement. Founded in 2019 by Scott Reid, the company’s ethos revolves around safeguarding Scotland’s historical essence while nurturing the skilled stonemasons of the future.

Since its inception, Stratum Masonry has organically expanded its workforce, carving a privileged path through projects spanning from significant listed buildings to opulent stately homes. The company’s foundational pillars are principles of impeccable customer service intertwined with a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship.

Award winning stonemasonAt the heart of their ethos lies the value of inspiring the next generation. Stratum Masonry ardently embraces this principle by annually welcoming two apprentices, bridging the gap in traditional crafts and ensuring the preservation of this ancient artistry.

Their accolades stand as testament to their dedication. In 2021, their efforts garnered national recognition as ‘Scotland’s Best New Business’ at The Scottish Home Improvement Awards. Building on this success, the subsequent year saw them acclaimed as Scotland’s best Specialty Trade. Their triumph was marked by the prestigious title of Stonemasons of the Year 2023, solidifying their prowess and commitment.

Beyond these accomplishments, Stratum Masonry has cultivated a robust presence across various digital platforms, amassing millions of views through captivating content that transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with audiences globally. This global outreach echoes their passion for sharing the beauty and significance of their craft with the world.

Looking ahead, Stratum Masonry harbors an exciting array of forthcoming projects. The company stands poised at the precipice of innovation, eagerly anticipating the unfolding chapters that will further solidify their legacy in the realm of stonemasonry.

Stratum Masonry have an unwavering commitment to preserving heritage, fostering talent, and delivering excellence. Their accolades, growth, and visionary approach paint a picture of a company not just content with their past triumphs but driven by an insatiable passion for the continued elevation of their craft and the inspiration of future generations.