• Sponsorship

    The Guild of Master Craftsmen encourages young and up and coming tradesmen to train in the skilled trades and crafts, to ensure the success and evolution of craftsmanship in the UK. It provides financial support through sponsorship and takes an active role in the promotion of numerous of events throughout the year including:

    Young Craftsman of the Year

    Hundreds of young people aged 14-21 enter this competition, which aims to promote craft skills and help to launch them into a long term career using the techniques they have developed. Visit www.seas.org.uk/young-craftsman-year/

    YcotY9Southampton City College

    Providing training for the community since 1943 and setting high standards for all its students. The Guild of Master Craftsman is proud to be associated with the college as co-sponsors of their annual student award. Visit www.southampton-city.ac.uk