• For tradespeople:


    For tradespeople:


How does The Guild of Master Craftsmen assist tradesmen?

The main ways in which we assist tradesman are:

  • recognition of your skill and integrity through your membership, which enables the public to distinguish you from the unskilled.
  • publicising The Guild and our high standards through our website, and national and local media, thus creating public awareness about the Guild, your business and our high standards.
  • providing a conciliation service dedicated to resolving any disputes between consumers and yourself.
  • providing cost savings to yourself, with discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Find out more about why you should join The Guild and the ways in which becoming a member of The Guild can assist you and your business here.

What are the criteria for becoming a member of The Guild?

The main requirement to becoming a member of The Guild is to be skilled and professional in your chosen trade. This takes into account all aspects of your work and your business.

How can I become a member of The Guild?

After applying to be a member, an assessor will visit your place of work, look at all aspects of your workmanship and your business, and make a decision on your suitability to become an accredited member.

Is membership of The Guild guaranteed and permanent?

Membership of The Guild is not guaranteed, as potential members need to be assessed before accreditation and it is not necessarily permanent, as Guild members can be expelled from The Guild if their behaviour and/or workmanship are deemed to have fallen below the standard required by our Aims and Objectives and qualifications for membership.

I have a general question about The Guild. Can I contact you directly?

Yes of course, you can contact us directly either via emailing theguild@thegmc.com, via our website www.findacraftsman.com or by calling our office on 01273 478 449.

Where can I study to become a craftsperson?

Becoming a craftsman very much depends on the area of specialism you are interested in. There are many colleges that run a variety of courses in many different trades and craft. Some recommended tradesmen and craftsmen offer apprenticeships. For more detailed advice and helpful resources, please see our tips on learning a craft.

Do Guild members ever offer apprenticeships?

Some members offer apprenticeships. For further information please contact the member directly, or call our office on 01273 478 449.

Do The Guild require references from previous customers?

Yes, we require four good quality references from previous customers as part of our assessment process.