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    For consumers:


How can I find a good, rated tradesman?

To find tradesman who are well regarded, first look for their membership or affiliation of a reputable federation or trade association, such as The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Reputable organisations provide assurance that the tradesperson you are employing has been assessed and accredited, and you will receive assistance, should any problems occur. You can search for local tradespeople who are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen at www.findacraftsman.com.

How does The Guild of Master Craftsmen assist consumers?

The Guild of Master Craftsmen assists consumers in several ways. Firstly, we assess all our members for being professional, skilled and worthy of the title of ‘Master Craftsman’. Our regional assessors personally visit every tradesperson. Their workmanship, their procedures and their approach are all closely assessed to meet the high standards of The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Secondly, through our website, www.findacraftsman.com and our office phone line 01273 478 449, we provide an easy facility for you to locate suitable tradespeople in your area, providing information and contact details.

Finally, in the unlikely case that something does go wrong with your project, we have a conciliation department that is dedicated to resolving any problems, however large or small.

Does The Guild only represent traditional crafts?

We represent a diverse variety of trades and crafts, both traditional and contemporary. From stonemasons, saddlers and thatchers, to interior designers and PVC manufacturers, the one thing they all have in common is that they are masters of their chosen profession.

What and how many types of trades does The Guild represent?

The Guild represents over five hundred trades. From general trades associated with building such as plumbers, carpenters and plasterers, through to the more traditional trades like stonemasons, restoration specialists and sash window makers, on to the more unusual and artisan such as kiltmakers, quilt designers and ice sculptors, we have an extremely rich and diverse group of members.

How can you identify a tradesman that is a Guild member?

The Guild logo is the most obvious way of identifying a Guild member. This can be displayed in a number of ways: on vehicles, on their website, on advertising materials or on their stationery. Searching for a member on our website, www.findacraftsman.com assures that you can trust a tradesman has been thoroughly vetted. You can also call our office on 01273 478 449 to check if your tradesman is a Guild member. Further information on how to choose a tradesman can be found here.

Can Guild members have their membership revoked?

Yes. Guild members can be expelled from The Guild if their behaviour and/or workmanship are deemed to have fallen below the standard required by our Aims and Objectives and qualifications for membership.

What happens if I have a dispute with a Guild member?

We have a conciliation department dedicated to resolving any problems or disputes between consumers and Guild members.

Where can I find a local tradesman in my area who is a Guild member?

You can find local tradesman who are accredited members of The Guild by either searching on our website www.findacraftsman.com or by phoning our office on 01273 478 449.

What should I be wary of when choosing a tradesman?

Choosing a trusted tradesman who is a member of a reputable trade association or federation such as The Guild should always be your first step when planning your project. Ensure you ask to see examples of a tradesman’s work and be wary if they are reluctant to show you. It is always good practice to get a written quote and again, be cautious if they are reluctant to provide one.

Does The Guild offer any general tips or advice for consumers?

We offer general tips and advice for consumers here, through news articles we publish, and through our website www.findacraftsman.com, or by phoning our office on 01273 478 449.