The Guild emblem - a sign of a master craftsperson

For over 40 years

The Guild emblem recognises businesses that are approved master craftspeople. Following our application process, including a visit by an experienced Guild of Master Craftsmen assessor, approved businesses can join The Guild and be able to show The Guild emblem on their marketing. 

This recognition will ensure you get the work you expect every time by a skilled and experienced Guild member. To find a Guild of Master Craftsmen member simply visit findacraftsman.com. You can search by trade, post code or even name. There you will be able to see images of their work, reviews and find details to help you choose. Don’t forget the Guild’s experienced Conciliation team can only be used with Guild members. 

Want to be recognised as a master craftsperson?

If you are looking to join The Guild, putting The Guild logo alongside your business name will show you are capable of a skilled job, can be trusted and that you have been been vetted by The Guild. The free member’s web listing at findacraftsman.com will put your name alongside The Guild. The Guild will help you stand out from the rest – as a master craftsperson. 


A sign of quality, a sign of a master craftsman

Look for the Guild emblem – a sign of quality – which can only be used by accredited members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. All Guild members are thoroughly assessed to earn the right to be called master craftsmen. Once accepted into membership, they are required to maintain and uphold The Guild’s stringent professional criteria. In the event of any dispute between customer and member, The Guild of Master Craftsmen has an effective, proven and experienced procedure for conciliation. The Guild of Master Craftsmen provides the public with trusted, skilled and local tradespeople.